Review of North Mountain Medical and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

I had the displeasure of dealing with this facility due to my mom's illness of COPD. Unfortunatley, I was at the mercy of, as many of us are, the HMO my mom was contracted with. When she was released from the hospital, they indicated she needed rehab with the goal of removing the ventilator. There were only three facilities one being North Mountain Medical and Rehab Center that accepted vented patients. The only thing I can say is this is nothing but a corral for people that are probably never going to get better. Their level of care is beneath even close to acceptable. During the first few days, I was doing nothing during what was supposed to be visits with my mom but complaining to staff about her being wet or soiled. This continued throughout most of her stay. There is a call button for staff which illuminates the light above the door but takes what seems like days to get a response. Everyone tries to act like they care but as we all know, actions absolutely speak louder than words. If I can get a message out to anyone facing placing their loved one in a rehab facility, it would be "Do Not Pick North Mountain Medical and Rehab Center". Also, Capri facility smelled like pee the minute I walked in so beware of them too. I was informed by hospital staff these are nothing but Nursing Homes!! The only saving grace North Mountain has is it across the street from John C. Lincoln, which is the BEST. My mom passed away today and I will miss her more than life. Don't let North Mountain be the last place your loved one remembers.