Review of Phoenix Mountain Post Acute

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We had my Mom stay here at PMNC, not a good place!!

We brought her clothes on check in and a week later while visiting, they were dressed in someone else's clothes that smelled like urine! When asking the help at PMNC what is going on, the reply was no one speaks English among the Aids on the weekends!!

Rooms are definitely dark and depressing too. I started to check into moving her elsewhere but PMNC decided to do a dis charge with in a week anyway.

Upon discharge they had a Nurse visiting her occasionally. She decided on one of the visits that she looked like she might be de-hydrated and the BP was low (Which it always is) and had her taken to the Hospital.

This was against the recommendation of the Aids our family has hired to watch over our Mom!! They did mention to this Nurse that she had eaten that day and was drinking liquids. They also re took her BP and it was OK. I was only contacted after the FD was there to pick her up.

The Hospital could find nothing wrong!! This will cost my Mom a lot of $$ out of her pocket because this was the 2nd Hospital visit within 60 days!! She was dis charged the following day after admission.

Will NEVER park any of my relatives in this place again!!

Very Disappointing