Review of Forum at Desert Harbor, The

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I was extremely disappointed with the level of care that my father received at this facility.

He had a stroke approximately 4 years prior and was coming from a facility that did not have skilled nursing. Upon examining The Forum at Desert Harbor's facilities and reviews I believed it would be a good fit for his needs.

In the month that he was there, they kept my father on a puree diet because they said they could not clear him for solid foods (even though I repeatedly asked them to work with him so they could). We also had to fight for them to get him up from bed for eating and to keep him hydrated.

I asked for them to repeatedly work with him in occupational and physical therapy but they said they could "only do so much" and his state declined while he was there.

Finally, my Mother brought to their attention that he did not appear to be doing well and that "something's wrong" and it took another day before they called 911 and had him transported to Boswell with a urinary tract infection, a fever, and a blood clot in his arm. Boswell staff reported that they believed he was not being taken care of properly and that he had sores from not being cleaned.

We have since moved him to Plaza del Rio. In the week that he's been there he is sitting up straight, able to communicate, and has been cleared to eat solid foods. HE IS IN A MUCH BETTER PLACE NOW.