Review of Rio Vista Post Acute and Rehabilitation

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If you are interested in finding a job don't look here the management is awful and the staffing coordinator lies and put you on the schedule with out asking. Also if you do work or go to work here always copy your schedule as they make changes with out notifing you. As far a patient care goes the on the floor staff do their best with what is available but as far as managment goes they only care about making money they don't care about the residents. And also they say this is a christian facility guess again they treat the staff like crap and the residents Management sucks!! I am not making this stuff up i would hate to see anyone else go through the stuff I have.

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My experience differs completely. The management staff, directors and administrator are compassionate professionals skilled in providing care in a long term care environment. Five Star facility, clean, no weird smells. Staff at PGS is actively working toward total quality in everything they do. Staffing ratios are above Federal guidelines.