Review of Lake Pleasant Post Acute Rehabilitation Center

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My parents live there and are treated like crap. Dirty and nothing works. Avoid at all costs.

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We have written the FBI, Senator McCain, and President Obama about the 46 senior abuse and fraud cases that we know of, We are sad to report 23 of them have died with no justice from the senior agencies, police, and Arizona Attorney General. Sun Grove Resort Village is owned by 19 out-of-state investors that were defrauded by the Oakdale Height/AREI Ponzi scam. That scam is going to trial on 1/3/13 and we are attempting to represent the abused seniors of the 21 senior centers involved in California's largest Ponzi Scam. This is a dangerous place with bad wiring, standing walkway water, bugs, poorly maintained buildings. Sun Grove Resort Villages advertises it is a licensed senior living center with a nurse and emergency alarm system which are all untrue. This place is very dangerous and full of mold and should be destroyed fo protect the public.