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Although my family & I were initially impressed with the cleanliness & level of care at Trillium, the longer my mother stayed in the facility, the more distressed we became at the lack of care she received. We had to request that she be bathed & her teeth brushed, even though those actions were supposedly part of her standard care. It was as if, once the diagnosis was made that my mother's condition would not improve, Trillium gave up on her. Additionally, there were many times when machines attached to her would be beeping for over half an hour & no one would come in to check their status or turn them off, even after we told the nursing staff what was happening. When she was eventually moved to a hospice facility, a few personal items (of no monetary - only personal - value) were not trasported with her. Calls placed to staff requesting these items be made available for the family to pick up were not returned. At this stage in a patient's life, the family is already distressed about their family member's health. To then also realize that an institution created to care for people in a way the patient's family no longer can is not providing the kind of care and comfort required for the patient to live her last moments peacefully and with dignity is heinous. Shame on Trillium.

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Thank you Acuity fo tking over and providing an excellent product for our community!

i have to disagree i think a lot of this was made up by employees that hol a grudge that they were tken over by a great comanpy and now have to realy work.

I recently experienced the same thing when my father stayed there for a month and a week until he passed on July 12, 2012. I wish we read this review before we allowed him to go there. I feel sick to my stomach now. :(