Review of Acuity Specialty Hospital of Arizona at Mesa

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Dr. care needs to be watched like a hawk. My mother was in Trillium in early August of this year and was not given the meds that she normally takes while at home. The Dr. overseeing her was the same Dr. that she had while in Banner Baywood. Mom was sent ( from the hospital to Trillium) with her list of meds for diabetes, heart problems, an infection, and for breathing treatments. This is a usual scenario when being transferred from a hospital to a care facility. She did not receive her diabetes meds (insullin,etc.) nor her blood pressure and heart meds, nor .any breathing treatments. I did not find this out until the day that she was transferred back to the hospital with pneumonia. This 84 year old lay in bed for two weeks without her normal standard of care. This is pretty serious as far as having the same Dr. watching over her. I expect a Dr. to remember the same pt. that moves across the street to a different facility. Not to mention that the nurses did not question me or her about any of this. ave your loved one and watch them intently and get the list of meds they are given so you can check for yourself what is going on.

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I really wish I read this review before we admitted my father into this hospital only to pass away a month & week later. He received horrible care & I often questioned things that happened at Trillium. I feel so sick to my stomach that we put so much trust into a facility & am now left helpless & realizing we should have questioned more & kept up on them. :(