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My husband was there for four months, I really appreciated the care he received, I felt like they looked after him - his wound care was good, and they monitored his kidneys too. If we ever needed care again, I would take my husband there again… Full Review


Dear Restore My mom spent a month with you for treatment for colitis. And copd. You sent her to a rehab fairly because you said she was better, even though she still wasnt eating. That was two weeks ago........ My mom has a few days left to… Full Review

Restora Hospital of Mesa is a VERY unsafe nursing home because their patients DO NOT get the care or attention they need. Why? Because they are clearly understaffed. You can sit in a room for hours waiting for someone to answer your call bell… Full Review

Trillium Specialty Hospital is a disgrace & could explain why it changed it's name to Restora. I really wish I read all of the previous reviews prior to my father being admitted. Unfortunately we experienced very similar if not all of the… Full Review

Although my family & I were initially impressed with the cleanliness & level of care at Trillium, the longer my mother stayed in the facility, the more distressed we became at the lack of care she received. We had to request that she be bathed… Full Review

the facility doesnt have any specialist there to treat the patient if they are need of a cancer dr, heart doctor, blood , cardio, etc. the hospital SMELLS FROM URINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is embarassement to healthcare !!!!!!!!!!!! … Full Review

Dr. care needs to be watched like a hawk. My mother was in Trillium in early August of this year and was not given the meds that she normally takes while at home. The Dr. overseeing her was the same Dr. that she had while in Banner Baywood… Full Review

This is an awesome place. Neat and clean. The staff is very accomodating, but the nurses do seem to be over loaded. I have had family at other local rehab hospitals and Trillium shines brightly in comparison. … Full Review

Horrible, staff turnover high, includeing directors of nusrsing. Poor care for patients. Registered nurses given assignments with too many patients to give quality care, creating an unsafe environment. Just visited by State governing committy… Full Review

they updated the outside and hallways but skipped the patients' rooms.2 semi private rooms share the same shower and there is no seperation between bathrooms(no locking door)so if you are both using the bathroom at the same time you know it… Full Review

My Father was at Trillium after his stoke and heart attack. I live on the east coast and had trouble getting the money together to go to Arizona. The staff kept me informed on a daily bases and when I finally arrived there I found my father… Full Review

I was skeptical about choosing this facility for my mom's hip rehab based on other reviews. I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs such a facility, everything is just fine. For our family, this is about assisted living and rehab… Full Review

I can tell you that the care and compassion that was shared with our family was of the highest quality one should expect for a family member. The staff from the front office, all the way to the doctors (Stewart), were the utmost professional… Full Review

This place is a joke! They hire nothing but new grad cna's that dont know what their doing (no experience) and just talk when doing patient care. Then on the B side the RNs sure know how to sit on their butt all day while patients sit in their… Full Review

Trillium SUCKS! We were lined up to go to Trillium when my mother was severly ill. My family was a bit concerned that Trillium had recieved poor marks from consumers so we decided to go to Selective Specialty Hospital and would then have her… Full Review

Excellent nursing care I loved the nurses and the staff at Trillium. They where always very thoughtful and whenever we needed anything someone was always available right away. I would recommend Trillium to any of my friends and family. It is… Full Review

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