Review of Advanced Health Care of Glendale

1 Star User Review

My mother requested 911 to transport her yesterday from Advanced Health Care of Glendale to the emergency room at John C. Lincoln due to mismanagement of pain medication and dehydration. This place may look amazing but our family found the level of care provided by these folks was not what the d├ęcor suggests. My mother was extremely dehydrated and instead of hooking up an IV they let if go for three days and changed around her medication without communicating the change to her or our family. My mother could barely talk, her lips and the inside of her mouth were really red, chapped and peeling. They were not pleased that 911 arrived at their facility. I asked them is my mother was entitled to seek medical attention if she felt she needed it and of course they responded "yes". Everyone should review the file so you know when the doctor and physical therapist visit your loved one. They told me a doctor was in to see my mother on Sunday. I was quite shocked as my sister was there all morning, my niece came, and I relieved my niece and stayed until about 7:00 p.m. My mother did not recall a doctor visiting her. I asked for the record to prove the service as I wanted to make sure Medicare was not billed for a service that was not provided and administration referred me immediately to the physician group they contract with. Good luck trying to set an ensure, donut pillow, or any other little request. They either don't have it or promise to bring it "in a minute" and it never arrives. Upon transferring her to another facility the admissions folks had to contact my family at the emergency room to get a list of medication my mother took. We were told that there were three doctor's orders from Advanced Health Care of Glendale and the new facility could not determine any of the orders as they all conflicted with each other. My mother is in a new facility and I've tried to call her many times today and she has not answered. She has been in physical therapy twice and is currently using a walker to walk the halls with staff before dinner. If you call your loved one at Advanced and they answer the phone more than not answering you should consider getting them to a facility that gets them up and moving. If you check your loved one into Advanced Health Care of Glendale and you decide you do not like it you can change anytime you want (don't let them tell you that you can't, transport will be really expensive, Medicare may not cover it, etc.) this place is not about getting people moving it's a big Medicare money grab. I hope this helps someone. There may be folks that had a positive experience at Advanced Health Care of Glendale but we did not and putting her there set my mom's recovery back a few weeks.