Review of Life Care Center of North Glendale

1 Star User Review

I made the mistake of allowing the hospital where my family member was recovering from an illness, arrange rehabilitation care at this facility. My family member has a serious terminal illness. Quality of life at this point is utmost and I trusted these people to help me make the time my family member has remaining the best it could be. Physical therapy was wonderful there but with that nutrition was equally important. The food prepared at this facility is nowhere near nutritious. What was

noted on the daily food calendar is not what is received. Frozen out of the box personal pan pizza with bag iceberg lettuce and carrot shavings is not my idea of a nutritious lunch especially when the nutrition director states in the "lets get familiar" meeting they have a chef come in once or twice a week for meal planning. Be prepared to bring your own dood even for short period of time. Also the Nursing staff also did not know how to manage a pleurX drain which was necessary on a daily basis for the comfort of my family member. I had to show them what to do, or my family walked them through this sterile procedure. This one care facility I will not recommend.