Review of Fountain View Village

1 Star User Review

I was a resident in this facility for two and one-half days, having been transferred to another skilled nursing facility. The room that was assigned to me was full of bugs and despite complaints to nursing to either spray the room or transfer me to another one, fell upon deaf ears. It took staff forever to answer the call button. Upon my first day there and bing on the phone with my son, he was told that I may have to hang up because I called for assistance to the bathroom. Over two hours later, and after a major accident, someone finally came to my room but were put off because now they had a mess to clean. Also, the toilet backed up and for the entire time I was there, nobody came to do anything about that, either! The first day there they failed to feed me, stating the kitchen was not made aware I was there! The next morning, no breakfast, either! The following day, I had a doctor appointment which they scheduled for 7 a.m., meaning we had to depart the facility at 6:15. I am also a diabetic. They gave me insulin at 6 a.m. telling me breakfast was on the way. It never came and my requests for food of ANY type to take with me also fell upon deaf ears. We ended up being gone for over seven hours, all the time being without food or drink. I was becoming ill from not eating, having insulin, and the extreme heat here in AZ. When my son heard about this he left his job, flew through the streets of AZ to snatch me out of this place. Yeah, the photos on their website may look pretty but the service is completely at the other end of the spectrum. If youtruly love your loved ones, stay away from this place. You -- and they -- will definitely not be happy there.