Review of Haven of Cottonwood

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Do not send your loved one here! My aunt was sent here to finish iv antibiotics because she was too well to stay in the hospital.She was given "analgesic" medication to calm her. She couldn't eat or drink. under our insistence we took her back to her home in an almost vegetable state. The medication should not be administered to people with depression or kidney problems of which she has both. She was recovering from a severe kidney infection. Right now we hope she can pull out of it. The nurse would not answer any of our questions as to her medical state and would give us abrupt answers to the effect that that is the way it is. She was brought food but since she was unable to feed herself because of the drugs she did not get food or water and became dehydrated. When I came I fed her and gave her water. She reacted like she hadn't eaten in a week.