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Horrible care! Looks are deceiving. I chose Sante for rehab services for my mom after she broke her hip. The first night there my mom was in excruciating pain. Although she was on pain meds it was not enough. In fact in the hospital she was given morphine every 2 hours for breakthrough pain. I contacted the head r.n. Stefanie and asked her to contact the md to get something additional for my mom. When I checked 20 long minutes later I found out Stefanie left for the evening. I asked for another nurse to call the md. R.n. Sofie came to my moms room and told me my mom doesn't need pain medication, as my 70 yr old mother was laying clenching the bed sheets. Sofie had no compassion or empathy. I told her my mom was getting morphine as well in the hospital, because at times her pain is so severe, but she kept telling me no. After I told her of my profession she called the md. Over 2 hours later she finally got additional pain medication.

The nurses also ignored the fact that my mom hadn't had a bowel movement in 10 days, even though I mentioned it daily to them. I called my physician who said my mom could have fecal impaction and perforate her bowels if something isn't done ASAP. I threatened to have my mom removed and call 911 to get her to an e.r. address her issue. At this point the lpn called the md. The nurses hadn't followed their own bowel protocol and done something as simple as give her Milk of Magnesia. The constipation had caused her continual nausea and no appetite for 10 days. The nurses did not care she hadn't eaten in 10 days and never offered her small snacks or even crackers.

I stayed every night for 12 nights and witnessed first hand lack of basic medical care. Medications were given up to 2 hours behind schedule and not as instructed(with food,etc).

I had requested for a physician to see my mom and one never came. I requested to speak with an r.n. and she never came. Terrible terrible medical care!!

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My mom is experiencing the same but I am not a medical professional. No on-call doctor will call back to give the okay for even over the counter aspirin. They are just letting her lie in pain.

The Air conditioning is broken and the room is sweltering hot but no maintenance men around to fix it.

Mom asked for her diaper to be change but was told no because they did it not long ago. She asked for a Tums for her stomach ache and was told no.

She won't eat and they don't care. There doesn't seem to be any medical professionals around only aids and "Floor nurses" what ever they are.