Review of Desert Cove Nursing Center

1 Star User Review

I was transferred there and had the worst experience some of the CNA help was rude they lost my clothes the first time I sent them out for cleaning with no reimbursement it was only $40.00…. I had a bag blow up at aproxx 1:00 am one night the Cna didn't know how to change it i asked to see the RN she said as she was leaving the room "good luck with that" so i laid soiled in bed until they came in at 5 AM to check on me.. The first room i was in when i got there the sink was full of bugs the Cna just washed them down the drain but the just came back. the second room was dirty in the bathroom in the corners and had to put a towel over the drain as the SEWER gases were coming up thru the floor. I was in 309 which is near the nurses station and they would be real loud at night all night long with no concern for the patients . The RNs and Doctor were good and concerned with my well being. The physical therapists were all great and helped me out alot to regain movement. IN CLOSING I WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE NEVER!!!!