Review of Estrella Center

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my brother is an alzheimers patient at estrella care in avondale. he is on a soft diet which consists of the food put into a blender and therefore the contents are of a pudding consistency. during our visit the aide yelled out if he was done with his untouched food and quickly pushed spoonfuls of this into his mouth. he is totally deaf and it was evident of his fear of her and stammered as he spoke to her in spanish. She has purposely forced this on him. He spoke spanish as a young man, however his family is not spanish speaking therefore after over 40 years uses it very little. With very few visits from family there is very little nutrition ,brother is gaunt with wide eyes and and in my past visits I noticed many patients sit and wait to be assisted with their meals. This is an inhumane situation and yet the state reviews are passable evidently.