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My mom was there for 3 weeks, she had a knee replacement. We had to go there because ours and our Dr.'s choice of Palm Valley did not have any empty Medicare beds. I was awful from day 1, they put her in a room with a lady who had been there for 2 months and was dying. Her family was there til 2 am. My Mom did not want to complain because this lady's family was grieving, the next day we asked to be moved and they told us they didnt have another bed. Howevr, my brother and I walked down a different hallway and there were several empty beds. We were told that they didn't have enough staff for her to move there. Two days later my mom's room mate passed away and they put another lady in with her who screamed all night. We call my mom's ortho Dr. and he called over and they told him it would be taken care of. So they finally moved her, to a nicer room, but then the staff was rude. They told her that they had to move a nurse and a cna over to take care of her so now other people were having to suffer. They never answered her call light one night and she went to the bathroom in her bed. She wasnt able to get out of bed on her own. The next morning the nurse brought her medicine and she asked to have help getting cleaned up. The nurse said that she would get a cna, the cna brought her in her breakfast and said after she collected breakfast trays she would clean her up. When my brother got there at 11 am, she still had not been cleaned. On her last day there, she was given another patients insulin shot. When my mom told her nurse she was not diabetic, the nurse told her the Dr. must have found out she was and ordered the medicine. My mom called us crying, so we called the Dr. and he said that she was not. We took her to the hospital and her blood suger was 34. We

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This place is horrible, do not let your family member go here!! They abuse their clients and neglect them. There is alot of family favoritism in the employees. The nurses are lacking and don't speak up to the abuse. DO NOT LET YOUR FAMILY MEMBER GO HERE.