Review of Cloverdale Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

3 Star User Review

This isn't the worst place to be in, but I can tell it could stand for significant improvement. My mother is a special case. She is still in her early 60's and had a leg amputation. They helped with physical therapy when another facility I was considering wouldn't even consider it. Their admission process was easy and I really appreciated the help I received in getting my mom into the facility. However, the food they feed patients is horrible. They've cut down on staff significantly, and that means the level of care has been cut down, too. It's an older facility and has a smell (which if you've been in a nursing home, you know what that smell is like). It's not a bright and cheery place to be in - but what nursing home is? I rated this facility based on their lack of staff and the fact that their food is far from healthy.