Review of Village at Cook Springs Skilled Nursing Facility

5 Star User Review

My grandmother has worked here for years. It is an amazing facility. To not all of the nurses are angels but I wouldn't be either if I had to deal with the stress of a nursing home. Excellent place if you're looking for a nice, comfortable home for your loved ones. God Bless.

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All nursing homes recruit the nurses that simply don't care-just workin' for the almighty dollar.Trust me-this is universal.It's imperative that you persistently monitor your loved-ones on a daily basis.I've worked the nursing homes and have found this theory to be valid in it's entirety.I would pay some surprise visits,just to attain peace of mind regarding my loved ones.

I would hope that the non angelic non caring ones would find another job because we depend on them to be there for more than a paycheck. As far as your grandmother, God Bless her!