Review of Village at Cook Springs Skilled Nursing Facility

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The facility as a whole is fairly nice but the staff is horrible. The way they treat the residents are awful. I have seen first hand what goes on in this particular nursing home and was completely convinced that I would not put my parents in this place. If you are having to make that difficult decision to put your parent or parents in a nursing home I encourage u to not choose The Village of Cook Springs. What goes on behind closed doors is a crime at this facility.

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So what mom has told me is right. I didn't doubt her but when I talked to the rep it was smoothed over. But my 6th sense was telling me something was being covered up. Have been trying to convince my siblings and we all have witnessed one thing after another. Will take her out immediently!

Thank you for this site.

Oh my goodness and my mother is there! Thank you for this information. Our family's finances have almost been depleted.