Review of Capitol Hill Healthcare Center

1 Star User Review

Do not admit anyone to Capitol Hill. As noted by the previous poster the place is nasty and loud. Any time someone complains they put on the "I care" face and then nothing happens. It seems like the management is more concerned about the way they look and not about the people living there. Take a look at some of the patients there. They are not very clean, some have tattered clothing, and they sit around with a miserable look on their face. I have seen employees walk by patients and not even acknowledge they are there. I couldn't count how many employees walk by buzzing lights and don't even look in the room. I truly think about corporate America when I think about the visits there. More about the money and nothing about the patient. Please consider getting a tour at night or better yet walk in the door, sign in, and just wander around without the "guided" version of the tour. I think you will find that this is not the place for your loved one. Last thought for the staff, try combing the patient's hair once in a while before you take them to the dining room! A little extra work has never killed anyone.