Review of Capitol Hill Healthcare Center

1 Star User Review

Capitol Hill shares the same kind of problems that may other business have when the bosses are not around during night shift and on weekends. If you drop in for a late night visit at Capitol Hill, you might think that you have walked into a loud night spot or party club. The absence of professional decorum and professional behavior is evident as soon as you hear the obnoxiously loud laughter and voices coming from the nursing stations and other places where employees gather. I don't know how any of the residents sleep at night with the spontaneous, ongoing parties that happen in this place every night. The employees probably feel free to continue this behavior probably because the administrative officers of Capitol Hill are too lazy to do the things that good managers do. Or, perhaps management feels intimidated by the threat of discrimination lawsuits if they dismiss one or more of these all but useless employees. Otherwise, I don't know how this facility passes regulatory inspections. It is a filthy place, and the some of the window unit air conditioners are as loud as the laughing hyenas who work there at night.