Review of Madison Manor Nursing Home

5 Star User Review

I give it a five star for many reasons. Prior to placing my mother into Madison Manor I checked out most of the Nursing Homes in the Huntsville, Decatur and Madison areas. There are some other facilities that provide well for their residents but many require that the resident is able to care for themselves and are mentally well (non-alzheimers'). Madison Manor is one of the oldest in this area but they keep their facilities up and the caregivers are compassionate and understanding. I am lucky my mother and the others are getting the care and love to feel more 'at home' than just a waiting room. If you have a relative in a nursing home please visit them. It will help make you feel better and it will certainly make their day. If you are looking for a place to care for that special person consider Madison Manor.

I am in no way affiliated with Madison Manor other than my mom being cared for there.