Review of Marshall Manor Nursing Home

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My Dad was there for 66 hours. He was neglected. He was found grasping for air

without the oxygen machine on, his eyes already set back, could not drink without choking, had not had fluids, had both lungs completely full of fluid, heavy medicated, and his family was not contacted. We had been told by his staff

nurse not to come for a few days so he could adjust. My Mom and I found him in this condition. It took me 2 hrs. to convince them something was wrong with my Dad, and he was taken to Marshall Medical Center North, where he was put into

ICU with Acute Renal Failure. He had 800cc's drained from him. He was put in this facility to have rehab, not to die 24 hrs. later. I'd like to know why? Why was my Dad neglected? Why was his family not called in for a consulation? Why was he not evaluated? Why was he over-medicated? Why did he not have his medicines we had to leave?