Review of Meadowbrook Extended Care

3 Star User Review

My mother-in-law entered the Meadowbrook Extended Care facility May 7, 2012, and died from a brain tumor May 11, 2012. Although her stay was brief, there are some observations we can offer.

The facilities are relatively new, well-maintained and pleasing. The staff seemed helpful and congenial. Our Family has no complaints regarding the physical facility and treatments my mother-in-law received. When it became apparent she was not suited for extended care after a couple days of attempted rehab, management was very accommodating in allowing her to stay in her room near the 24-hour nurses' station after a decision was made for hospice care.

There were a couple of negatives, however.

The extended care facility has relatively lax security, since the primary entrance is not locked until 9 p.m. and entry to patient rooms is accessible without any good measure of security. Another primary concern involves a lapse in fiduciary responsibility for patient prescriptions.

Meadowbrook contracted with PharMerica to provide over $600 in prescriptions inventory for my mother-in-law. Although she died within five days of arrival, Meadowbrook failed to return any of her unused inventory for credit, which I later learned they can do within 14 days after receipt. Consequently, we have paid for unused prescriptions due to negligence in their inventory management regarding return of unused prescriptions.