Review of Mount Royal Towers

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Poor management. Staff turnover increase due to lack of benefits, no raises, no overtime allowed, only permitting 72hrs. per pay period on 3/12's shifts-only getting paid every 2 1/2 weeks. RN Management has little or none experience in the geriatrics field. The LPN's are great to the residents, but I have witnessed their supervisors belittle and communicate with them with great disrespect. It is a shame.

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You said it this place is horrible. you would think for five thousand dollars a month that the staff would not threaten residents or steal from them. My mother has to call up their constantly to address staff issues. Staff members are rude to the families and are allowed to be this is rediculous. someone neeeds to file a complaint with DCF against these creeps. and the reply to the review is dead on.

This facility has a high turnover and the staff hired are very unprofesisonal. Several areas of the facility air conditioner doesn't work properly, resident personal clothing get damaged and lost, the staff steals the residents personal items and take their money, staff physical and verbally abuses the residents and some of the LPN's tell you that they gone to do something and doesn't. Whenever, you visits all the LPN's and CNA's does is stand around talking about their personal business. The home appearance is okay; but the staff is horrible. The food appearance and portions are not good. I wouldn't suggest this facility.