Review of St Martin's in the Pines

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Initially I was very pleased with the care my parents received.(They moved there Aug 2010). After my fathers death(Jan 2011) my mom continued to stay there until Nov 14 2013.She took a turn for the worse, she was sent to the ER and St Martins failed to sent a copy of her living will (DNR) and she lived another month being put thru unnecessary treatment.The MD at the hospital discussed her status and she was placed on hospice and was moved to another nursing home and died one month later on Dec 14. ( I was not going to bring her back to St Martins ) Violet (admissions) called me on Nov 15 not even 24hrs after my mom was in CICU and asked what I planned to do about her bed in the cottages. I know their goal is to make money and they made a lot of money from my parents since Aug 2010. I called her a few days later and made her aware of my mom not coming back to their facility and addressed with her my concern about the DNR not being followed, putting my mom thru unnecessary treatment and bills and she said she would talk with administration and has not contacted me since. I have had billing issues this past year and each time I paid by check I wrote a note to Doug(finances) and he never got back with me until after my moms death and I left numerous messages for him to call me. They charge for EVERYTHING! In checking with other nursing homes their daily fees include everything. My mom was charged for the room, incontinent fees, oxygen rental, humidifier,nebulizer set, creams and ointments, syringes ,steri- strips,,telfa pads, etc…..I addressed in notes to Doug and with the staff in care plan meeting the daily fees for incontinent and felt this charge was not correct. My mom would have an occasional accident but was not totally incontinent. I pointed out what 86 year old on diuretics wouldn't ? As an RN I understood why they would put a diaper on her for their convenience but charging her close to 200.00 a month for this was not right. After my moms death Doug finally looked into it and found out that she only had some incontinent episodes and changed the charge code so it was a lesser charge. I am still looking into the fact at some possible billing fraud since my mom was charged for a nebulizer set on several occasions and I talked with the pharmacy that supplies their meds and received a final copy of her bill and no meds were listed on those days that would require a nebulizer along with some other charges that she didn't receive. I can say the nursing staff was kind and caring and really loved my mom. They treated her with respect. Would I use them again…..NO I have been trying to deal with my moms bill for the past year….its not fair to keep a person hanging on when all I did was want to be honest and fair….pay her bills on time… and trying now to come to terms with her death and still trying to get the bill here correct and wondering how much more we will be charged for the ambulance ride and hospital and MD bills due to their failure to send her living will…..