Review of Birmingham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center East

1 Star User Review

The employees are very nice. The adminstration is very lacking in customer service. They will not return calls nor can they get family request right. Their Dr. is however, a very nice and caring man, he cares about the patients as well as the family. They are not what I would call a good place to put a love one. Even though the employess always speak to you. They have too many patients to nursing staff ratio. They do not have enough men on staff to take care of the male patients. Heard the femaie nursing staff say many time they could not lift or reposition a male patient by them selves or their liff was broken. They would let male patients go days without bathing them and in the same clothing for days. They would lose clothing or blankets even though the family was doing the patients laundry. They would have other peoples clearly marked clothing in the wrong room or have ladies clothing on male patients. They did not check the oxygen machines or IV's as often as they should. They would let them run out of distilled water or the IV would blown out a vein or become clogged and not flush it out so the patient would not benefit from the IV. They do not take care of catherters as well as feel they should. They would not shave a male patient reguarly, leaving it to the family to do so. In a nutshell, there are just not enough qualified nursing staff to take care of their patients! The administration needs to be more involved with the families and return calls. The administration also needs to be more involved in the facility and know what is going on.