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On this Election Day it is no wonder why Medicare is going broke. They charm you when they walk you around till convinced good place. Told them wanted short stay for my mama but because she is overweight no one wants to get her out of bed. Then you ask that big physical Therapist and she gets smart mouth with me and mama says nurses do too. Then they laugh when I walk away. You go to that nasty therapy room and it is full of patients but the therapists are just siting around laughing, texting, talking on cell phones, eating and pecking on the computers. Running my Moma's bill up. Then they tell me she needs to stay 100 days to get better? Is there anybody out there reading this that they are just running the bill up on too? Medicare needs to check this.

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Cigarette smelling bookkeeper smiles and says "they will pay 100% for 100 days.