Review of Fair Haven

5 Star User Review

I have never desired to work in a nursing home because of my clinical experience i 1987. Last week, I took an assignment as a hospice nurse for Horizon Private Duty Care. I was assigne to one of your clients and from the point of entrance in Fair Haven there was the most kindest lady who greeted me.She gave me directions, and in route there were your staff smiling and they greeted me.I was impressed. When I passgot to the nursing station Nurse Jackie was there.Nurse Jackie and another one of your professional staff members were awesome.They made the days and late evenings shift an experience that is unforgettable.They assisted me without my rrequest, and Nurse Tamara, Mildred, Gia what a team. When I had to step out of the client's room,they were working and as busy as they were I heard the compliments they gave to each other.

What a remarkable staff of professionals who kept their purpose for being there. I rejoice at the attitude of House Supervisor Lois. She was on duty Satueady June 2, 2012. She was suppotive to staff and me. My client expired but she was there everything step of the way. The Hospice Nurse Angela RN and I witnessed a group of people not on task only but they were actively emgaged in what they were doing. I appreciate how this place of care was not noisy. The House Supervisor,the Receptionist,Nurse Jackie, Nurse Tamara, Gia, Social Worker are the reason I chose to make referral to others about Fair Haven.They blessed me, and I thank God for the experience. I say to you thank you for employing such wonderful people.