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The clinical /therapy staff and Nurse Practitioner have been awesome! We believe they are doing best they can, given the FTE's and lack of systems. My concerns are lack of operating systems,which have created quality of care issues. There are not sufficient towels for resident hygiene, the supply closet is locked at 3 pm and a key to retreive items is not avail, a portable O2 tank was not available for 3 weeks, after repeated requests. This tank faltered during therapy, which caused her sat levels to decrease, a staff forgot to hook her up to the oxygen in her room, for 1.5 hours, she was wheeled to hospital in WC w/o foot rests, Mom was fed the same breakfast for 15 days in a row, despite requesting variety. She missed her am therapy d/t uncoordination of her IV schedule with therapy. She has had a low grade temp for 2 weeks and reason for this has not been identified. After 2 weeks, cultures were taken from her PIC line, she has had diahrrea since admittance, She needed to call the staff to administer her breathing treatments 4X a day. The Administrator is expending funds on cosmetic changes yet seems unaware of "equipment / care issues.

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My experience here has been wonderful. I have found no issues other than low staff of CNA's on the west wing where my mother stays which makes it imposssible for residents go to the bathroom sooner than they need to due to needing two people to transport . But,they do a great job and make sure the residents are cared for to the best of their ability. Great friendly and loving.