Inspection Results » Coronado Healthcare Center

  1. Health Inspection on December 21, 2017 [1]

    1. Pattern: No actual harm with potential for more than minimal harm that is not immediate jeopardy
      • Develop and implement a complete care plan that meets all the resident's needs, with timetables and actions that can be measured. (Corrected 2018-01-31)
      • Reasonably accommodate the needs and preferences of each resident. (Corrected 2018-01-31)
      • Ensure that feeding tubes are not used unless there is a medical reason and the resident agrees; and provide appropriate care for a resident with a feeding tube. (Corrected 2018-01-31)
      • Ensure each resident receives an accurate assessment. (Corrected 2018-01-31)
      • Provide safe and appropriate respiratory care for a resident when needed. (Corrected 2018-01-31)
    2. Isolated: No actual harm with potential for more than minimal harm that is not immediate jeopardy
      • Develop and implement policies and procedures to prevent abuse, neglect, and theft. (Corrected 2018-01-31)
      • Provide appropriate treatment and care according to orders, residentÂ’s preferences and goals. (Corrected 2018-01-31)
      • Provide and implement an infection prevention and control program. (Corrected 2018-01-31)
      • Immediately tell the resident, the resident's doctor, and a family member of situations (injury/decline/room, etc.) that affect the resident. (Corrected 2018-01-31)
      • Create and put into place a plan for meeting the resident's most immediate needs within 48 hours of being admitted (Corrected 2018-01-31)
      • Give residents notice of Medicaid/Medicare coverage and potential liability for services not covered. (Corrected 2018-01-31)
      • Provide activities to meet all resident's needs. (Corrected 2018-01-31)
      • Provide appropriate pressure ulcer care and prevent new ulcers from developing. (Corrected 2018-01-31)
      • Respond appropriately to all alleged violations. (Corrected 2018-01-31)
      • Conduct and document a facility-wide assessment to determine what resources are necessary to care for residents competently during both day-to-day operations and emergencies. (Corrected 2018-01-31)

To be part of the Medicare and Medicaid programs, nursing homes have to meet certain requirements set by Congress. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has entered into an agreement with state governments to do health inspections and fire safety inspections of these nursing homes and investigate complaints about nursing home care. [2]

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