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  1. Health Inspection on October 18, 2018 [1]

    1. Isolated: No actual harm with potential for more than minimal harm that is not immediate jeopardy
      • Provide at least one room set aside to use as a resident dining room and for activities, that is a good size, with good lighting, air flow and furniture. (Corrected 2018-11-02)
      • Have a policy regarding use and storage of foods brought to residents by family and other visitors. (Corrected 2018-11-02)
      • Provide appropriate care for residents who are continent or incontinent of bowel/bladder, appropriate catheter care, and appropriate care to prevent urinary tract infections. (Corrected 2018-11-02)
      • Make sure that the nursing home area is safe, easy to use, clean and comfortable for residents, staff and the public. (Corrected 2018-11-02)
      • Provide appropriate treatment and care according to orders, residentÂ’s preferences and goals. (Corrected 2018-11-02)
      • Ensure services provided by the nursing facility meet professional standards of quality. (Corrected 2018-11-02)

You may file a complaint with your state if you have a concern about the quality of care you or your family member gets from a nursing home and do not get a satisfactory resolution from your nursing home.

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